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Cherry blossom madness: People are doing wild things for photos outside this Vancouver home (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The Easter bunny and a tyrannosaurus rex even made appearances.
A Vancouver woman chronicles the hilarious and bizarre things people do for cherry blossom photos outside of her home.

Spring has arrived in the Lower Mainland and cherry blossom madness is in full swing. 

Delicate pink blossoms hang in pillowy canopies across Vancouver, but a few locations attract the lion's share of admirers in the city. 

And one of them is located right outside of Vancouver designer LeLe Chan's front door. 

Chan, who runs the popular Instagram account @cherryblossommadness, has been showcasing the spirit of "cherry blossom madness" since 2016. From people climbing up the flowering trees to capture sky-high shots to women dressed in extravagant costumes to even a newly observed "zombie walk" video, there are countless unique photoshoots taking place outside of her home during cherry blossom season. 

The Easter bunny and a tyrannosaurus rex even visited Chan's block this year.

The pandemic hasn't slowed down cherry blossom fever, either. Instead, flower frenzy stayed in full swing outside Chan's doorstep in April of 2020 and it shows no signs of slowing down this year.

That being said, Chan implores passersby to be respectful of the trees: don't pick blossoms off them and don't climb them; admire their beauty from a distance. 

Have a look at some of the best blossom moments from this year. 


-With files from Lindsay William-Ross.