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A self-proclaimed 'cool person' spotted a rat getting a rare frozen treat in Vancouver

There's plenty of unusual things going on here.
A rat scored some ice cream in front of the Woodward's building in Gastown and a Vancouver man photographed it on July 29, 2022 and shared it on Twitter.

Do you consider ice cream a "game changer" on a hot day? 

Whether you're a Popsicle aficionado, a gelato connoisseur, or an iced latte lover, a cold treat on a hot day can leave you feeling instantly refreshed and delighted...even if you are a scurrying little critter. 

Self-proclaimed "cool person" Josh Loewen spotted a hot rodent enjoying a discarded ice cream treat while he was in the Gastown neighbourhood on Friday (July 29). 

The Vancouverite snapped a couple of photos of the rat as it twisted its petite frame to lick the remnants of the frozen snack off the plastic container. 

On Twitter, the local man wrote captioned, "May we all be blessed with the happiness of this rat finding ice cream on a hot summer day."

Loewan told Vancouver Is Awesome that he saw the lucky rodent "absolutely going to town" on the treat in front of the Woodward's building in Gastown while he was on his way to work. 

"I got close to it and it didn’t move at all," he said.

"Its fur was completely covered; it was hilarious."

Loewan also created a hilarious interpretation of a Metro Vancouver map that went viral on social media. It makes the region look like a bizarre creature man and folks had a great deal to say about the creative take.