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Cougar sighting in Vancouver turned out to be giant pet cat

A cougar was spotted in a Vancouver neighbourhood... turns out it was just a big pet cat.
cougar sighting savannah cat
Cougar sighting in Vancouver turned out to be a big pet Savannah Cat.

Cougar, cheetah or jaguar? None!

Vancouver police shared that a cougar sighting had been reported in a Shaughnessy neighbourhood early Wednesday (May 18) afternoon. After a closer look, the cougar turned out to be a Savannah Cat – a large house cat whose appearance resembles a jaguar or cheetah.

Conservation Officers worked with the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) to round up the kitty, which had just been out on a stroll, and returned it to its owner. 

"I'm really glad no one shot it," replied user @DwntwonDebBrown on Twitter. "They're beautiful cats but sometimes it's shoot first ask questions after. I heard of a pet husky or malamute getting shot when someone thought it was a wolf!!"

The VPD tells Vancouver Is Awesome in an email that this is the first time they've heard of a pet being mistaken for wildlife.