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'It was so close': Dashcam footage shows terrifying near miss at Vancouver intersection (VIDEO)

The driver hopes "everyone drives safely" in the city following his own close call.
A Vancouver man says he narrowly collided with a vehicle while driving down Oak St. in January 2022. He shared a video of the incident on social media.

"I almost hit this white [Jeep]. It was so close."

That's what a Vancouver man says almost happened when a vehicle turned abruptly across the intersection he was driving through on Sunday (Jan.30). 

The man's dashcam footage shows his car travelling south down Oak St. on a dark, rainy night. As he does, a white Jeep turns sharply across the intersection and he narrowly misses colliding with it. 

Sam (who prefers not to disclose his last name) told Vancouver Is Awesome via email that the incident took place just after 6:30 p.m. at the intersection of Oak and 57th Ave. 

"At that time, there were only [three] vehicles in my sight heading south," he explained. "It was very empty compared to the opposite direction," 

While he was following the vehicle in front of him, Sam admits that he was travelling over the speed limit at about 59 to 61 km/h, according to his GPS data. 

"There was a vehicle waiting to turn left at the leftmost lane. I kept at a distance from the vehicle in front of me, and I think that's why the white Jeep thought there was no coming traffic and decided to turn," he said.

This is the first time Sam has ever experienced a close call but he hopes "everyone drives safely." 


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