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ANOTHER dead shark has washed up on a beach in Delta (PHOTOS)

Second dead creature discovered at Centennial Beach this week

Can you help identify this creature that washed ashore at Centennial Beach Thursday?

Resident Davina Grant was walking her dog when she came across this beauty, which appears to be a shark. Grant believes it may be a thresher shark which are common in B.C. waters.

Earlier this week resident Tami Ryder discovered another creature washed up on the beach that was most likely a different species of shark.

According to the DFO, there’s 14 species of sharks documented in B.C. waters. That includes great whites, but fortunately those are rare sightings.

There are over 400 species of sharks around the world, from the eight-inch-long dwarf lanternshark to the 40-foot-long whale shark.

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