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Former Delta teacher nabbed in Creep Catchers sting banned from teaching

A Surrey Creep Catcher confronted the Delta teacher in 2017
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Isbister had also asked whom he thought was a 12-year-old girl if she was ever free to meet after school.

A former Delta high school teacher, who was caught in a Surrey Creep Catchers sting, has been banned from ever teaching again.

In a recent ruling, the B.C. Commissioner for Teacher Regulation cancelled Simon William Isbister's certificate of qualification and he agreed he would not apply to teach again.

According to the commissioner’s statement of facts, Isbister in November 2017, posted on the “Casual Encounters” section of Craigslist looking for someone interested in meeting him and another person, having posted a photograph of himself with that other person.  

He soon responded to another ad posted by someone calling themselves “Lo Lo” who purported to be an 18-year-old female.

“This reply stated: ‘U guys seem very nice. My name’s Sierra. I’m turning 13 so please don’t share my pic.’ Attached to this message was a photo of the bottom half of the face of a young female, showing her tongue with a stud piercing. This message from ‘Sierra’ was sent by a person associated with Surrey Creep Catchers.”

After Isbister had conveyed initial hesitation, he asked if Sierra had “played with many older guys.”

Sierra responded that she had with “a couple” and Isbister replied “Lucky them.”

Isbister then said he was nervous and could get in trouble meeting a young girl.

Sierra responded “ummm. i dunno, I guess ya.”

He would go on to ask if she was on Kick and when she responded she was not, he asked for her phone number to text her.

A few days later he contacted Sierra again, asking if she had changed her mind, if she was receiving his texts, and if “tonight still works for you.”

After further exchanges, Isbister wrote, “Mostly, I’d love to just meet you. I’m very intrigued, but also kind of nervous.”

Sierra asked if the other person knew about the proposed date and her age and he responded “no, not entirely.”

After more exchanges and an initial attempt to meet not working out, Isbister arranged to meet the supposed girl on Nov. 27, 2017 at a Surrey Tim Hortons in the late evening.

As he was ordering a beverage for Sierra, who was supposedly on her way, a member of the Surrey Creep Catchers approached Isbister and called “Simon! Simon! What’s up?”

The man followed and video recorded a 15-minute interaction with Isbister in which Isbister said he wanted to meet Sierra because he was worried about her, but also acknowledged Sierra’s profile stated she was 18, but that she told him she was still 12.

On Nov. 28, 2017, Surrey Creep Catchers posted the video on its webpage under the name “Simon.”

On Aug. 23, 2018 an anonymous caller contacted the school district to inform the district the man in the video was Isbister.

The district suspended him a few days later and the following month he resigned.

In October 2018, he signed an undertaking not to teach in any role or position requiring authorization under the Teachers Act.

In October 2020, the commissioner considered the matter, noting Isbister’s conduct spanned several days and showed a pattern of persistence in meeting with Sierra, as well as that his understanding he could “get into a lot of trouble.”

The commissioner noted, “Isbister’s conduct was very serious misconduct that undermines the public confidence in the education system.”

It was not made public which school Isbister had taught in the Delta School District.

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