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You can download colouring sheets of Vancouver house design styles

Sharpen your pencil crayons and fire up the printer!
The Vancouver Special colouring sheet. Vancouver Heritage Foundation

Sharpen those pencil crayons and your love of architecture when you fire up the home printer to get these incredible colouring sheets featuring the many styles of Vancouver houses.

The supplemental download is part of an amazing educational resource from the Vancouver Heritage Foundation meant for schools. The "Heritage Study Guide" was created for teachers to use to help young learners get to know our city's incredible heritage locations and diverse history.

In addition to the course materials for elementary and high school students, the Vancouver Heritage Foundation has a roubust roster of links to more materials, including interactive maps and further teaching kit. 

Among the supplemental materials is the Vancouver House Styles Hub, and below that, a link to a set of black and white drawings of each of 10 house styles that you can download and print out (for personal use only). [.pdf]

Colour in a Storybook house, a Mid-Century Rancher, or an Edwardian residence. And, yes, of course, the set includes the Vancouver Special.

Studies suggest that colouring is beneficial to mental health for adults, so now is as good a time as ever to get into something that can help soothe any "stay home" COVID-19 blues.