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This totally normal candidate just announced their intention to run as an independent

Elke Porter photo A new name popped up on the #vanpoli radar today: Elke Porter.

 Elke Porter photoElke Porter photo

A new name popped up on the #vanpoli radar today: Elke Porter.

In an email sent to us this morning, she let us know that she's hoping to run for a seat on city council as an independent in the October election, "even though there hasn't been an independent elected to City Council for over 30 years".

What's interesting is that Elke is totally normal. Though this column is usually full of snark I mean that in the nicest way possible. Truly. She seems like a nice, normal person running for council.

Why is she normal?

1. She doesn't seem to go on angry political rants on Twitter. It seems that she just wants to help make our city better.

2. She has a quaint slogan that she likely came up with based on how she wants to see our city: "Clean, Green with an Accessible Scene".

 Photo elkeporter.comPhoto

3. She has a bold goal of raising $100,000 to support her campaign.

 The fundraising limit for a Vancouver City Council candidate is $107,793.12.The limit is $?.

4. She's passionate about people not throwing out cigarette butts.

 MAMA SAYS NO LITTERING. Photo via elkeporter.comMAMA SAYS NO LITTERING. Photo via

While the cynic in me thinks Elke has a 0% chance of getting elected, I still hold out hope that someone like this might one day squeak their way onto council and add a refreshing, non-partisan voice to the conversation. Check out her campaign website HERE.


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