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You'll be able to buy a piece of the English Bay Barge when they deconstruct it

Own a piece of our city's weird story
Drex from JACK 96.9 FM and Bob Kronbauer from Vancouver Is Awesome are hatching a plan to sell pieces of the English Bay Barge

A plan is now underway to cut up and haul the iconic English Bay Barge off the shores of Sunset Beach, and you'll be able to own a piece of it.

Drex from JACK 96.9 and Bob Kronbauer from Vancouver Is Awesome cooked up a plan to allow people to purchase their own piece of the thing. They have received a commitment from the owner of the barge, Sentry Marine Towing, that they will receive a piece of it which will be cut down into small chunks.

Those chunks will then be numbered and made available for the public to purchase, with the proceeds going to charity.

Deconstruction of the barge is set to begin in the next couple of weeks, as permits by the company are obtained. 1,800 tons of steel will mostly make its way to the scrapyard.

Watch this space in the coming weeks for your opportunity to divert some of that scrap and own a piece of Vancouver's weird history, while helping some yet-to-be-named charities.

With files from Brendan Kergin