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Environment Canada updates spring weather forecast for Vancouver

And gives a summer preview.
While summer might start off with a bang in Metro Vancouver, April's weather forecast isn't looking particularly warm.

If you're sick of dreary wintry weather and cold temperatures, you are not alone.

And while summer might start off with a bang in Metro Vancouver, April's forecast isn't looking particularly warm for the Lower Mainland.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Armel Castellan tells Vancouver Is Awesome that April's forecast looks cooler than average this year. What's more, he says it looks like the month will see temperatures up to 2°C below seasonal averages. 

"I think we're going to see a higher probability of seeing that continued northwesterly flow giving lower normals," he explains. 

"We don't see anomalous warmth. That's kind of why the April forecast seems pretty consistent."

Following April, however, Castellan says the south of B.C. is expected to see above-average temperatures for May and June. That said, he notes that the forecast is still showing the weaker "end of the probabilities," such as 40 to 50 per cent. 

"The switch will be flipped but we'll have to wait for a good four maybe five weeks before that happens."

Vancouver weather forecast: Spring emerges 

In contrast, Castellan says the probabilities for April's forecast to trend cool overall are quite high, upwards of 70 per cent, "about 2°C cooler for the month April."

Castellan adds that Vancouver won't see February's frigid cold temperatures, however. "Even though we're going to be colder than normal, that still means that we're going to emerge from the coldest temperatures of the winter.

"Those things are over."