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Environment Canada says Vancouver has "best chance" for snow this week

"So far, this is the best chance we've seen for snowfall at sea level."
Photo: Snow storm in Downtown Vancouver, Canada / Shutterstock

While the Vancouver weather forecast is calling for a chance of snow later this week, not everyone is convinced that it will happen. 

The forecast has called for a chance of snowfall numerous times over the fall and early winter, but there hasn't been any accummulations of snow in the city. While there has been some minor accumulations on higher terrain, places at sea level have only seen wet snow. 

And starting on Monday, Jan. 6, the forecast calls for a great deal of rainfall throughout the day. In fact, Environment Canada has issed a rainfall warning for Coastal British Columbia, noting that some areas could receieve up to a whopping 90 mm of rain by Tuesday. However, the rainfall is expected to dissipate by Wednesday evening, and Friday's forecast includes a chance of snow at night.  

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Matt MacDonald, Meteorologist, Environment Canada, about the likelihood that the City of Vancouver will see snowfall this week. 

"So far, this is the best chance we've seen for snowfall at sea level," notes MacDonald. "We have all of the neccessary ingredients for snow this week."

MacDonald adds that a north westerly flow is expected to bring cold air into the region towards the end of the week, with temperatures dipping down to below freezing on Wednesday night. After that, he notes that the weekend will be markedly cooler which will increase the chance that snowfall will accumulate. 

"We haven't hit true arctic air yet this year - most of the flow patterns have been south westerly, which hasn't allowed for these very cold temperatures." 

MacDonald notes that the snowfall is still a few days away in the forecast, however, and therefore things could still change in the days leading up. With this in mind, he says its a good idea to be prepared for snowy conditions and to continue to monitor the forecast. 

vancouver-weather-4.jpgPhoto: Environment Canada

B.C. Winter Forecast

Back in September, The Weather Network predicted that British Columbia would have a milder winter, but that December was a “wild card.”

Since then, the winter forecast has been updated to include the most recent prediction, which calls for milder temperatures along the B.C. coast and across much of Northern B.C. While northeastern B.C. to the southern interior will see near normal temperatures.

While the north coast region is, “expected to see above average rainfall and alpine snow,” the south coast region is expected to be drier than normal. With this in mind, the forecast adds that this dry pattern may break at times during the season. During these breaks, the Lower Mainland could have the, “potential to see several weeks’ worth of precipitation in just 5 to 10 days.”