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Fake ad selling 'barely used' ferries pokes fun at delayed launch of new Vancouver-Nanaimo service

"Seats show zero wear."
Someone has posted a fake ad offering to sell the two Hullo catamarans after the new ferries' launch was delayed two days by wind and power outages.

While the Hullo ferries finally set sail on Wednesday (Aug. 16), the previous two days of delays due to power outages and wind have led to people finding the humour in the situation.

In one case, someone has gone to the effort of making a joke listing for the two ships on Craigslist. The fake ad - unsurprisingly now flagged for removal - states the owner of the "as new, barely used" Hullo ferries is looking for $35,000 or a trade.

"Will trade for vessel of similar value that is capable of sailing in moderate winds...or 5th wheel travel trailer," they write, taking shots at the fact the ships were kept in port in part due to winds. "Can deliver to your port in the Salish Sea on any calm day!"

The fact the ferries, which were seen by many as a potential alternative to the beleaguered BC Ferries system, immediately faced issues crossing the 50 km stretch of the Salish Sea between downtown Vancouver and Nanaimo was also keyed in on.

In Nanaimo, satirical site the Beacon, took shots as well after a new schedule was released.

That said, the first trips by the brand new ferries have taken place, with passengers on board.