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False Creek ferry dock remains closed following possible vandalism

The damaged ferry dock has been left idle for weeks.
false creek ferries damaged dock
Stamps Landing ferry dock in False Creek, Vancouver has been left damaged for weeks.

Stamps Landing ferry dock remains closed after parts of the dock were damaged or stolen. 

According to False Creek Ferries Manager Jeremy Patterson between three and five concrete planks used as part of the dock were broken at the same time, although he isn't sure "if it was vandalized or it's just a failure of the dock itself."

"I think there's some supposition that somebody had stolen some of the pieces of the dock to use as an anchor because it was a particularly windy day when it happened," he tells Vancouver Is Awesome over the phone. 

False Creek Ferries shared a photo of the closed-off dock to Twitter on May 16, but Patterson, who isn't sure of an exact date, guesses it has been around a month since the incident.

The ferry company is still waiting for repairs from the City of Vancouver. "I suggested that they just put a piece of plywood over it for now," says Patterson. "I don't think it has to be structurally engineered the way that they're concerned. It either floats and holds people up or it doesn't. But they're working on it," he adds. 

The Stamps Landing dock closure affects more than just ferry companies like False Creek and the Aquabus. Patterson explains that residents of the neighbourhood, other dock users, and nearby restaurants are also inconvenienced by the damaged dock. 

With the high season already started, Patterson hopes that the dock will be fixed before the summer weather rolls in.