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Fighter jet dive bombs through Vancouver’s downtown core -- in a video game (VIDEO)

The daring aerial acrobatics will have you on the edge of your seat!

If you were in the downtown core earlier this week, and were living in a simulation, you would have seen a fighter jet travelling at nearly the speed of sound between Vancouver’s skyscrapers.

YouTuber Captain Tumult shared a video of their aerial acrobatics to social media cheekily asking “Anybody in Vancouver hear me flying past their window yesterday? ;)” Indeed if the plane were the real thing it would produce 118 decibels, about the same volume as a rock concert.

The plane Capt. Tumult was flying -- the Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet -- is a newer addition to the Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

“Our first military jet and a highly requested feature from the community,” a release from the simulator’s website reads. “The Top Gun: Maverick expansion will release with the movie next Spring, but we wanted simmers to have the opportunity to be able to test their need for speed this holiday.”

Capt. Tumult certainly did test their need for speed in the Hornet, at points reaching around 650 knots or 1,200 km/h -- 30 km/h short of mach one.

“The streets are so NARROW, Vancouver was a difficult one,” Capt. Tumult wrote in the video’s description. The daring virtual pilot linked other “close call” videos they have created around the world in the flight simulator including Toronto.