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Firefighters respond to electrical fire in Downtown Vancouver

Drivers are advised to avoid the area. 
Vancouver Fire and Rescue truck Photo: Scazon / Flickr

Firefighters are currently responding to an incident in Downtown Vancouver after a dump truck caught fire when a bus trolley wire sparked its canvas covering.

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief Trevor Connelly tells Vancouver Is Awesome in a phone call that a large dump truck caught fire after its canvas covering came into contact with a bus trolley wire. According to him, the covering can be positioned up quite high to fit over the garbage in the back of the vehicle. When the covering was sticking up, it caught the electrical wiring overhead. 

Connelly says the westbound lane on Marine Drive is moving, but crew are cleaning garbage from the eastbound lane. Drivers are advised to avoid the area. 

Earlier today, the Hazardous Materials Team drained fuel from a leaking vehicle in the 1900 block of Kitchener Street. Kitchener Street was temporarily closed between Victoria Drive and Semlin Drive. However, the area is now clear.