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Fog advisory: Metro Vancouver visibility may be near zero, slipperiness a concern

"Near zero visibility in fog may be hazardous for travel"
Vancouver is facing some foggy weather in today's forecast.

A fog advisory has been issued for Vancouver and surrounding areas for Monday, Nov. 27.

Covering Metro Vancouver, Greater Victoria, parts of southern Vancouver Island, and the Gulf Islands, the fog bank is causing visibility to drop along much of B.C.'s south coast, according to Environment Canada.

This could cause issues for today's commute in two ways, warns the federal agency.

"Near zero visibility in fog may be hazardous for travel. Areas in fog that fall below freezing will have a risk of developing slippery surfaces," explains the advisory.

The thick fog will eventually recede around noon, for a while.

"Fog may redevelop tonight as a strong ridge remains in place," states Environment Canada.