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'The cast iron pan’s name is Jacques': Funny Facebook ad seeks new roommate

"It’s the only kitchenware that had been dubbed."
A hilarious Facebook ad is seeking a new roommate for a pair of people living in Vancouver.

Need to make an ad stand out?

Make it funny! That's the strategy for one ad on Facebook Marketplace. As their current roommate, Rachel, is being "stolen away by romance," two folks in the West End are "mourning her departure," while seeking a new roommate.

"The place has everything that is needed to sustain life in this modern world," states the ad. "But if you have furniture that is better than what we have (brag on), we can definitely upgrade the place."

The post makes note of random specific details, including the functionality of the panini press (it functions) and the fact "the cast iron pan’s name is Jacques."

"It’s the only kitchenware that had been dubbed."

In photos of the apartment, a few specific things are highlighted including the knives (aka "dangerous tools"), the fact they have a printer, and some dead plants.

"You have an edge if you know how to take care of plants," hints the ad writers. "And if you introduce yourself with an interesting message!"

For those that are curious, the bedroom in the three-bedroom home is going for $760 per month.

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