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3 reasons why we need more geese on the field during ball games at The Nat

It's our very own, homegrown, animal-on-the-field situation.

Fans coming to Nat Bailey Stadium this season are being treated to our very own, homegrown, animal-on-the-field situation. Canada Geese, sometimes in pairs, sometimes in larger groups, are landing in the outfield and then hanging out as if they owned the place. 

Wild animals running amok on a baseball field is not a new phenomenon. Perhaps you’re familiar with the “rally squirrel” that gained fame and notoriety during the 2011 MLB playoffs? 

Or maybe you’ve heard the story of the mysterious black cat that crossed in front of the Chicago Cubs dugout at Shea Stadium in 1969, further cursing the most cursed team that was ever cursed by curses.  

Well, this season at The Nat…we got geese. 

The Canada Goose can be a divisive animal. Some people like ‘em. And some people hate them with a passion usually reserved for, I dunno, Serial Killers? Like, some people really, really hate The Canada Goose. 

But whatever side of that debate you come down on, I’m here to tell you: The geese in the outfield are a good thing, and I personally think the C’s should do whatever they can to attract more Geese to the ballpark. And here’s why:

They can intimidate the opposing team

Have you ever got a little too close to a Canada Goose? They don’t like it and they’ll let you know. Hissing at you with their razored tongues. Taking wild swings at you with their powerful wings like a drunk in a bar fight. Imagine trying to track a fly ball in right field while one of these jerks is staring you down. It can’t be easy.

The crowd absolutely loves them

Any time a goose is spotted doing a fly-by, the crowd definitely notices. And when they land, it can lead to a standing ovation. If we increased the number of geese coming into The Nat and the frequency of their arrival, I’m confident the crowd would be whipped into a certified frenzy from start to finish. 

More geese might bring other animals

Now, I’m no zoologist or bird doctor, but I have a feeling if there was a large flock of Canada Geese that comfortably set up shop in the outfield, it would probably attract a few more animals. Maybe a couple of ducks? A family of raccoons? Certainly some crows. And before you know it, you could take in a ballgame and commune with nature at the same time. 

So what do you think? Are you a fan of the geese? Or do you think they should be given a lifetime ban from the ballpark? I mean, they’re essentially streaking when you think about it.

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