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GoFundMe surpasses $20K goal for mom and daughter, victims of Mount Pleasant fire

'The community has come together for me in a way that I could have never expected,' says Minshu Mo, a tenant who lost her home: 'With all the love and support it almost doesn't feel like a loss.'
Mount Pleasant resident Minshu Mo lost her home in a Mount Pleasant building fire. Photo: GoFundMe/Submitted

The fire that ravaged Frenchies restaurant Thursday has also had devastating effects on tenants who lived upstairs – many no longer with a place to live.

Minshu Mo, a resident who lived atop 2470 Main Street in Mount Pleasant, is one of them.

She lived with her mother until the morning of Oct. 22 when they were forced to evacuate their apartment.

“The fire destroyed the apartment, and Minshu and her mother lost all of their belongings: Minshu's mother left the burning apartment in only her pajamas and bathrobe,” said friend Bronwyn McBride, organizer of a GoFundMe on their behalf.

One man was arrested for arson in connection with the fire, but VPD Cst. Tania Visintin said the investigation is ongoing.

Not only was the building leveled by fire damage – but Mo’s cat Diesel remains missing.

“I am devastated and desperately looking for her as she is an indoor cat and never went out by herself," she said.

Tenant 'devasted' after fire destroys home

In their time of need, community members and strangers have rallied together to surpass the goal previously set out by McBride, $20,000, for the mother and daughter.

“It's so beautiful to see this outpouring of support which will help Minshu and her mother to recover from this devastating loss of their home and everything they own,” McBride said.

“In the coming weeks, they will need to find a more permanent home and furnish it again from scratch. All of this requires our direct financial support,” she added.

Mo, herself, said she's just grateful her mother "got out alive" amid the flames.

Community rallies together to raise $21K 

As of Monday afternoon, more than $21,000 was raised by 408 people.

"The community has come together for me in a way that I have never expected or imagined," Mo told Vancouver Is Awesome.

"With all the love and support it almost doesn't feel like a loss."

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Posted by Minshu Mo on Friday, October 23, 2020