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Small island with floating logs forms in False Creek after king tide

And another king tide is expected tomorrow.
Habitat Island was cut off from Olympic Village by the recent king tide. Logs were sent floating down False Creek.

The recent king tide which caused flooding across Metro Vancouver also had an effect on a so-called island just off Olympic Village.

Habitat Island (also known as Beer Island) is actually a peninsula and is usually connected to land but the rising water level of False Creek has completely cut it off which has some local residents worried.

However, according to a spokesperson for the city of Vancouver, all is as it should be. "As a naturalized area, Habitat Island was designed to withstand tidal changes," the city tells V.I.A in an email. 

One Vancouverite took to Facebook to express concern that some of the logs on the island have floated free and that trees have been downed by the weather but the city says that "staff are aware of recent impacts from the king tides and related weather systems and have not been alerted to any damage to nearby areas or boats due to floating logs or other debris."

However, they continue on to say that "Park Board staff are expecting another king tide tomorrow, December 29th, and are continuing to assess the conditions throughout the many coastal areas we manage. We will continue to update the public on safety issues or changes as they occur."