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Map: Here's where Vancouverites can stay cool and safe during upcoming heat wave

The heat is on
The City of Vancouver is offering help and ideas on how to beat the heat wave.

Keep cool.

That's the main message from the city as Vancouver prepares for a heat wave with temperatures expected to get as high as 35 C inland in Metro Vancouver.

Catching shade and staying cool: Vancouver cooling centres

To that end, they're opening cooling centres across the city, which include air-conditioned libraries.

"Everyone is welcome to cool down and rehydrate at one of these centres and some will allow well-behaved pets," says the city.

They also urge people to seek shelter and shade wherever possible.

"In addition to these air-conditioned facilities, members of the public are welcome to seek shade at any of the City’s other community centres, at weather protected plazas and under trees, umbrellas and awnings at parks, beaches and pools," they suggest.

Thirsty? Where to access water fountains in Vancouver

Along with staying out of the sun's rays and in a cool place, hydration is key during a heat wave.

To make sure people have access to water, the city notes there are over 200 permanent water fountains, along with summer-only fountains.

There are also misting stations, which the city notes can be used to cool your skin as well as clothing.

Keep each other safe

While many are able to keep themselves cool during the heat wave, there are those who, for whatever reason, find it difficult. The city is asking locals to check on their neighbours, particularly:

  • Older adults, aged 60 and over;
  • People who live alone;
  • People with pre-existing health conditions, including mental illness and substance use disorder;
  • People who are marginally housed; and 
  • People who experience barriers to mobility.

City staff will be on the look as well for people struggling with heat-related issues, the city says, and getting bottled water to certain community groups and through cooling centres.

Where is what I need? Map shows heat wave resources for Vancouver