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Help this Vancouver photographer find the cute couple he captured in snowy Stanley Park

He's taken to TikTok to try to find the adorable unknown pair.
Vancouver couple 1
A Vancouver photographer is looking for a couple he took a photo of during the weekend's snowfall at Stanley Park.

Over the weekend a Vancouver photographer and TikToker captured a beautiful photo of a couple of lovebirds and now he’s trying to find them through social media.

Ben Glassco was taking photos of the snowfall in Stanley Park on Saturday at around 9 a.m. when he saw the couple looking out across the Burrard Inlet. Beyond them, the Lions Gate bridge rises through low-hanging clouds to make for an image dripping in drama and romance. 

He has since taken to TikTok on a mission to find the couple and gift them the photo he took. 

“I’m trying to find them and I know their faces aren’t in it but I’m hoping that the internet can help me,” Glassco said in a TikTok. “So please help me internet do whatever you can, like and share, so we can find this couple and we can get them this photo.” 

Already people from all corners of the internet have banded together to find clues to help identify the couple. 

Reddit users have pointed out both of them are wearing Blundstone boots and commenters on the TikTok have already suggested who they could be, although none have been confirmed.

To aid in their identification Glassco describes them both as slender, tall and caucasian with darkish hair between the ages of 25 and 30. 

In response to many questions asking Glassco why he didn’t simply approach the couple after he took the photo, he says he didn’t expect the photo to look as it does. 

“I usually do this but was feeling kinda shy that morning, didn’t think the photo would turn out anyway. When I saw it though I HAD to find em,” Glassco wrote in the TikTok comments. 

If you have any inklings as to who the couple could be, you can let Glassco know through his Instagram or TikTok accounts.


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