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Here are 23 of the best bird posts that have taken over Vancouver Reddit (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

In one video, a man tells a crow to "Get out of the house."
Reddit Vancovuer has been flooded with local feathered friends. Photo: mars10765 & digby_chicken & digby_chicken / Reddit

If you've been on Reddit Vancouver recently, you may have noticed that something is "a fowl."

Multiple locals have shared photographs and videos of local birds, which include everything from Stellar jays to herons, owls to crows, finches to robins, and much more. 

People captured beautiful portraits of solo birds in B.C.'s backyard, but a number of people have recorded them in grocery stores, their homes, and even at Vancouver International Airport. 

In the first video, a man tells a crow to "Get out of the house." In response, a woman asks, "Is the crow in here again?"

The answer is yes, and the corvid is seen sauntering out the door. 

Since everyone is posting bird stuff, here's a video of a crow I caught strolling out of my kitchen earlier this year. from r/vancouver

While it isn't in the Lower Mainland, Reddit user Cherry shares an adorable photo of a bird in their hand at one of the lakes in Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. They note that the little bird is decidedly curious.

A curious fellow at Joffrey Lake 🐦 from r/vancouver
Another local shared an image of a majestic heron perched on their fence in East Vancouver. 
This guy came to visit my East Van backyard back in June. from r/vancouver

Reddit User CanadianFromFlorida saw an owl while they were walking their dog. The nocturnal bird spins its head 360 degrees in the video.

Saw this guy while walking the dog. from r/vancouver

Another person says they recorded a petite finch on one of the shelves of a Superstore.

Birds of superstore...this may be the only one, but I can’t be sure from r/vancouver
Reddit user Squealio shares a hooter they spotted in Vancouver's Stanley Park. 
I saw a birb in Stanley Park. from r/vancouver
Another person spotted a crow by a Stanley Park beach. 
Stanley Park crow from r/vancouver

Reddit user ladypuffsalot shares an image they captured of a robin near 29th Avenue SkyTrain Station.

Normally I don't bother posting my bird photos here, but it seems like we're all into our feathered friends these days! Taken a couple weeks ago around 29th Ave Station from r/vancouver

Someone captured a beautiful portrait of a raven on Mount Seymour while they were on a hike.

Continuing with the Bird-love theme, here is a portrait of a Raven from a Hike on Seymour this spring from r/vancouver

Reddit user kalinako also shared some raven content on Mount Seymour, but their video shows two of the feathered birds. In it, people remark that the corvids may be mates. 

I have to say, I’m loving all of the bird content these days. Here’s a pair of ravens on top of Seymour Mountain earlier this year. from r/vancouver
Someone shared an image of a large, statuesque owl that was watching them walk their dog. 
I also saw an owl while walking my dog recently. from r/vancouver
Another person captured a beautiful portrait of a local heron.
Since we are on a roll with birds, here is my portrait of a heron. from r/vancouver
Reddit user Rabbittz shared an image of two birds that perched on someone's hand at Garibaldi Lake.
My bird photo at Garibaldi Lake! from r/vancouver
A person shared an image of a duck. Asking, "Have you seen one of my kind yet?"
Have ya seen one of my kind yet? Quack quack! from r/vancouver
Have a look at a few more bird pictures from Vancouver Reddit.
Here's my bird shot, since everyone seems to be posting one from r/vancouver
I'd like to get on the bird bandwagon. Spotted in Delta. from r/vancouver
A Steller's Jay from the interior has stayed at Stanley Park for the past few months. It may have even had kids with one of the locals! from r/vancouver
Swallow nestlings! Got to watch them grow up from so many nests near the river where I was working. from r/vancouver
Hopping on the bird train to post my encounter with this guy in Mundy Park. from r/vancouver
Since we're all posting birds, here's a birdie I saved on my way to school last Tuesday. Ran it to a vet and was late for class, but my teacher gave me a pass from r/vancouver
Apartment Birb from r/vancouver
Spotted this bad boy today, singing outside of a JJ bean. Can anyone identify? from r/vancouver
Are we gonna have a problem here bro? from r/vancouver
YVR bird from r/vancouver
A crow in Vancouver from r/vancouver