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Here are 25 vintage photos of Christmas in Vancouver

At one time tugboats had Christmas trees on top of of their masts!

As many know Christmas has been celebrated for a few years.

Ok, maybe more than a few.

And while many have a set view of what Christmas looks like in the 21st century, that doesn't mean there were always Christmas lights and special edition coffees from Starbucks for Vancouverites to enjoy during December days and nights.

These 25 photos show how Christmas was celebrated over the years, with some snaps dating back over 100 years ago, like the tugboats with Christmas trees on top.

While the pandemic has put a halt on some things, maybe some of these traditions would be fun to bring back, like the band playing out of a horse-drawn carriage (a debate about whether the carriage should be pulled by a horse can happen at another time). What about having Santa at community parties, chatting with people instead of at the end of a lineup at a mall, or a choir singing live on air from a public place?

At any rate, these black-and-white pics offer an idea of what Christmas looked like in the past, from before World War 1 to the 1950s.