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Here are the 6 books up for a Vancouver Book Award

Add these books to your reading list!
The City of Vancouver Book Awards are this weekend, with six books nominated.

Vancouver's literary community will be gathering around computer screens this weekend.

That's because the City of Vancouver Book Awards will be given out. This year they're doing double duty as there was no award in 2020. While there's a limited in-person event, it'll all be live-streamed via Zoom for people to watch for free at home.

"The city will announce two winners of the award and $3,000 prize. There will also be a special announcement introducing the new City of Vancouver Poet Laureate," states the Vancouver Public Library's website.

The six books up for the award this year are:

  • Catherine B. Clement for Chinatown Through A Wide Lens
  • Francine Cunningham for on/me
  • Joseph Dandurand for The East Side of It All
  • Michelle Good for Five Little Indians
  • Alex Leslie for Vancouver for Beginners
  • Danny Ramadan & Anna Bron for Salma the Syrian Chef

The books are quite varied, from Clement's historic photography book featuring the work of Yucho Chow to Good's novel following the lives of friends who survived live in the residential school system.

"We have a deep and connected literary community in Vancouver and it is a pleasure to celebrate and recognize work that brings forth such rich and diverse voices," says a spokesperson for the city. "With the Vancouver Book Award at its 33rd year, we continue to champion creativity, diversity and connection through stories that encourage reflection in ourselves, our communities and our shared city."

The ceremony will also be where the newest poet laureate for the city is announced.

It gets started at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 20.