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Here are the 6 most popular Geoff Coates comics of 2021

A blast from the not-so-distant past
Those were the days.

Throughout 2021 Vancouver Is Awesome's very own cartoonist Geoff Coates has penned some truly topical illustrations relating to the everyday triumphs and struggles experienced by Vancouverites.

While all are well received, as the year comes to a close we thought we'd take a look at some of his best. His "best" was decided based on our readers' interactions with them over on our Instagram page where Coates' cartoons are regularly published. 

1. Jolly Red Giant

In first place is Vancouver's Jolly Red Giant, doubled over in laughter at the city's rental plight.

2. June-uary anyone?

With Vancouver's recent snowstorm creating traffic snarls around the city, let this cartoon cast your mind back to the blistering heat of July.

3. Do it for... you?

Oh what people won't do for a bag of $20 popcorn.

4. It's medikal tirrinne terrany tyruny

Coates was able to provide a healthy dose of comedic relief during some especially trying times this year.

5. Flight of the con-dorks

You're a rich girl and it's gone too far. 

6. Raincouver earning its name

It's been quite the year for weather between heat domes, atmospheric rivers, arctic overflows, and of course good old fashioned sky water.