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Here are the top 10 cheapest gas prices in Metro Vancouver right now

Gas prices smashed the record high price in the city on Sunday. Here's where to fill up on the cheapest local options.
Gas prices set a new record in Vancouver, BC on February 13, 2022, at 180.9 cents per litre. Have a look at the cheapest options to buy gas in the region.

Vancouver gas prices smashed the all-time record high on Sunday (Feb. 13) following a steady rise in prices over the past couple of months. 

Petroleum analysts predicted the prices would pass the all-time high and caution that they may climb even higher in the coming months. 

Dan McTeague, the President of Canadians for Affordable Energy (and formerly of, predicted that gas prices would reach 179.9 by Sunday. Several outlets in the region were selling gas for 180.9 cents per litre, which broke the previous record of 176.9 cents set on Feb. 6.

McTeague expects gas prices to continue to climb in Canada with an increase on Apr. 1 due to the Trudeau government's carbon tax, which will rise 25 per cent to $50/tonne for industrial greenhouse gas emissions from the current $40/tonne price.

While most stations are showing gas prices over 170 cents per litre, two outlets in the region are showing prices as low as 169.9 cents per litre: the shell at 17588 64 Ave. in Surrey and the Chevron at 26390 Fraser Hwy. in Aldergrove. After that, the Safeway at 7107 138 St. in Surrey is showing gas for 171.9 cents per litre.

The cheapest gas station in Vancouver is the Husky at 1955 Powell St., which is offering gas for 172.9 cents per litre. A Canco gas station is offering gas for the same price. 

A few stations are offering gas for 174.9 cents per litre while a couple of others are offering it for 175.9 cents per litre. 

The cheapest places to get gas in Metro Vancouver

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