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Here is how the B.C. storm system may affect Metro Vancouver this week

An Environment Canada meteorologist breaks down the forecast following the 'weather bomb'
Metro Vancouver residents say they were expecting more of an impact from a significant weather system that moved into the B.C. coast on October 23, 2021.

Numerous Metro Vancouverites say they were expecting more of an impact locally from a significant weather system that moved into the B.C. coast over the weekend. 

Last week, meteorologists warned that a tempestuous weather pattern was forming over the Pacific ocean that had the potential to wreak havoc on northern Vancouver Island. As of Monday (Oct. 25), however, the low-pressure system hasn't produced record-breaking winds in the Lower Mainland, although a wind advisory remains in place.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Doug Lundquist tells Vancouver Is Awesome in a phone interview that the storm isn't expected to devastate the region with unprecedented winds but that the advisory remains in effect. 

"There were some impacts but I would say it was an average fall storm," he explains, noting that the advisory will likely be lifted later in the day as winds ease through Monday evening.

"Nothing extreme right like maybe gusting to 60 [km/h], some places might get 70 but...that's not off the charts."

Metro Vancouver wind warning

The wind warning was issued for areas near the water, such as UBC, Tsawwassen, Boundary Bay, Ladner, Steveston, and coastal sections of West Vancouver. However, the winds were not as powerful in the region as they were in places like Vancouver Island. 

"As far as today goes any wind that's around will dissipate in the next 12 hours we don't see it getting much higher than it is anywhere and most locations will be less," he adds. 

Now, Environment Canada is more concerned about the long stretch of wet weather in the coming week, highlights Lundquist. The Vancouver weather forecast calls for rain nearly every day and there's a chance that the city could have more rainfall this month than in an average November. Typically, November is the city's wettest month. 

Will Metro Vancouverites enjoy some dry days for Halloween? 

Lundquist says meteorologists are "having troubles even figuring out Halloween" but underscores that it will be "a very wet week." While there's a possibility locals may enjoy some dry weather on the weekend, most days include rain.