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Here’s how Vancouver’s pets are dealing with the heat wave (PHOTOS)

Warning: the following content may be too adorable for mortal minds
Dog playing in water
With temperatures reaching as high as 40°C expected in some parts of B.C. this weekend, Vancouverites and their pets have found many ways to keep cool.

#Vancouverheatwave on Instagram has all but been taken over by Vancouverites sharing photos of their pets either enjoying the sunshine or keeping cool during the current heatwave. Either way, they're all absolutely adorable. You've been warned.

It seems many have taken a page out of the BC SPCA's recommendations to keep pets safe during this extreme heat: staying at home. For more tips on how to keep your pet safe and cool, check out the BC SCPA's page devoted to the subject. 

Without further adieu though, let's look at these cuties!

This adorable and incredibly stylish pooch has the coolest cooling vest! We're very jealous.

These dogs are absolutely living their best lives.

Other pets look slightly less impressed with their pools, at least he looks cool though!

This kitty has it all figured out, why be outside in the heat when you can be inside, air-conditioned and pampered?


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Of course, it's not all just cats and dogs out there dealing with the heat. This lizard named Sadie from Pitt Meadows looks quite content having had a big drink of water.

If you've got photos of your pet enjoying the summer weather be sure to send them our way!