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Hot dog! It is going to feel like a sizzling 36°C in parts of Vancouver today

Stay hydrated, folks!
Environment Canada extended its special weather statement on June 21, 2021, as temperatures continue to soar in Metro Vancouver and across B.C.  Photo: English bay / Getty Images

Is it hot enough for you today?

Dad jokes aside, Environment Canada is extending the special weather statement it issued over the weekend as temperatures continue to soar in Metro Vancouver and across B.C. 

Starting on Monday, June 21, Canada's national weather forecaster calls for a 25°C high on the coast and a 31°C high inland. That said, temperatures will feel more like a sweltering 30°C and 36°C with humidity. 

Tuesday is also expected to see significant heat, with the forecast calling for a high of 24°C on the coast and 28°C inland. Similarly, the humidity will make temperatures feel more like 29°C and 32°C respectively. 

A special weather statement is in effect for Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Howe Sound, Whistler, Sunshine Coast, Southern Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island as warm and dry conditions persist on the South Coast.

Environment Canada notes that daytime maximum temperatures are about five to 10 degrees above seasonal today averages. 

The region is expected to see a "slightly cooler period mid-week" as the ridge associated with warm temperatures shifts inland. However, the ridge is expected to rebuild from Thursday and "herald more dry and very warm conditions through the weekend."

Metro Vancouver Weather Forecast

vancouver-weather-update-june-21-2021.jpgPhoto via Environment Canada

Environment Canada releases full summer 2021 forecast for Vancouver

While it's difficult to know how much rain Metro Vancouver will see this summer, Canada's national weather forecaster says the region will likely see above-average temperatures. 

Environment Canada Meteorologist Bobby Sekhon told Vancouver Is Awesome that the 2021 summer forecast looks warmer than average