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Here's how to drive around a corner on snowy roads

Richmond Fire-Rescue is offering driving tips to residents during this bout of winter weather.

Richmond Fire-Rescue is joining the Richmond RCMP in offering driving tips to residents during this bout of winter weather.

On Wednesday, the lesson was turning corners in the snow.

The fire department said in a Facebook post their members have noticed corners seem to be where cars are “piling up these last few days.”

 Richmond Fire-Rescue/Facebook

They have three helpful tips to navigate a corner on snowy roads:

Don’t slam on your brakes

Braking can make your car start sliding. If you’re already sliding, hitting the brakes can make it worse.

Turn into the slide

If your car is sliding, turn your steering wheel in the direction the back of the vehicle is going.

Don’t over-correct

Panicking and cranking your steering wheel in the opposite direction is not the way to go. It could send your car into an unrecoverable spin.

If you want more tips on driving in icy conditions, firefighters recommend this website. 

Richmond RCMP also chimed in on Monday, saying it’s important to brush the snow off your vehicle so you can see properly. They shared a photo of one snow-covered car and the $109 ticket handed to the driver.

Skies in Metro Vancouver are forecast to be sunny Wednesday, but many roads are still snow-covered from the dump of snow on Monday and Tuesday. Rain or snow is in the forecast for Thursday and Friday.