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Poll: Huge majority of Vancouverites support 4-day workweek

Should Sunday be the middle of the weekend?
The four-day work week is becoming a more popular topic of conversation around the world.

As the conversation around work-life balance continues to evolve, the idea of a four-day workweek has been discussed and tried out around to world.

Last year thousands of workers in the United Kingdom tried it out. And in the U.S. some people are encouraging businesses to consider the idea to help draw employees in tight labour markets.

Recently, in Canada, some small, rural municipalities in Ontario have made the move for their employees.

"Since COVID, people are looking for a different way of approaching life," one mayor told CBC.

In Vancouver, it's unclear how many may be working on a four-day workweek, but there's clear support for it amongst readers of Vancouver Is Awesome.

V.I.A. polled 895 readers and asked the question: Would you support a 4-day workweek?

The poll ran from March 20 to March 25. Of the 895 votes, we can determine that 403 are from within the community.

Both local and general results were essentially the same. Around 80 per cent of readers support the idea, with less than 20 per cent against it.

The full results are as follows:

Yes 81.14 % local, 80.22 % total    
No 18.61 % local, 19.78 % total    
  Local   Total

Results are based on an online study of adult Vancouver Is Awesome readers that are located in Vancouver. The margin of error - which measures sample variability - is +/- 3.27%, 19 times out of 20.

Vancouver Is Awesome uses a variety of techniques to capture data, detect and prevent fraudulent votes, detect and prevent robots, and filter out non-local and duplicate votes.

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