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Anti vaccine protestors gather at Vancouver City Hall and VGH (PHOTOS + VIDEOS)

The protest caused traffic chaos around the Broadway and Cambie corridors

Over 1,000 anti-vaccine protestors gathered outside Vancouver City Hall, giving off a festival-like atmosphere -- if your festivals fly in the face of Provincial Health Orders. 

The protest is part of the World Wide Walkout movement in British Columbia planned for Sept. 1 and crowds of anti-vaccine protestors have gathered in various cities across the province. Vancouver's protest briefly occupied Vancouver General Hospital with the lion's share of protesters gathered around and shouting obscenities at Vancouver City Hall.

Intersections along Cambie Street were choked by protestors or police at junctions like 12th and Broadway.

The message of Vancouver's protest was broad with representation for most every denomination of conspiracy theory in attendance. Overall though the crowd focused on anti-vaccine and anti-government. Some Q-Anon shirts were spotted in the crowd along with children carrying signs reading "My Body My Choice." Other signs ranged from comparing the Canadian government to fascist Nazis and Communist dictatorships (though those ideas are politcally opposed).

Some signs carried obscene slogans directed at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While no stage was set up, multiple megaphones were carried, with speakers gathering for a period on city hall property.

Groups central to the anti-vaccine and vaccine passport were there in numbers, as were People's Party of Canada supporters, but it didn't appear any other groups were in attendance.

The protestors moved into the city's core, marching down the northbound lane of the Cambie Street bridge, escorted by police.