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Images: Hundreds of rental units could come to Fairview with several proposed tower developments

Several walk-up apartment buildings may not be around much longer.

It seems the neighbourhood around Granville Street and Broadway is going to be getting taller over the next few years.

Proposals recently published on Vancouver's "Shape Your City" website include four towers each with 20 or more storeys: 1245 W 10th Ave, 1190 W 10th Ave, 1665 W 11th Ave. and 1365 W 12th Ave. This most recent batch was posted in late February.

All four proposed developments would replace smaller walk-up apartment buildings common in Fairview, one of the densest neighbourhoods in Vancouver, near the intersection of Granville Street and Broadway, where the new Broadway Subway will have a station.

They're also inside the area covered in the Broadway Plan which was approved in 2022. All fit into areas where mid- to high-rise towers were included in the plan, which the plan noted as ranging from 12- to 20- storeys.

These are just the most recent proposals coming forward in the last little while with several other towers out at or above 20-storeys proposed for the area near Granville Street and Broadway. While other parts of the city are also seeing several tower proposals, most are organized efforts (like Oakridge or the Senakw development).

Applications in review or with upcoming public consultations

1245-1265 W 10th Ave

One developer is planning a 20-storey tower at 1245 W 10 Ave. Stuart Howard Architects/City of Vancouver

This would be a 20-storey residential tower between Birch and Alder streets bringing 164 rental units to the area (half of which would be studios). Due to its proximity to transit options, it would only have 56 parking spaces for residents.

Currently, there are three buildings there including one residence built in 1912; there are at least 23 units there now.

1190 W 10th Ave

172 rental units are proposed for a new development at 1190 W 10th Avenue. Studio One Architecture/City of Vancouver

A 35-unit apartment building currently stands at 1190 W 10th Ave., where this 21-storey tower is proposed to be built.

The design includes 172 rental units (111 of which will be studio or 1-bedroom units) and commercial space at ground level; there would be 70 parking stalls for residents and another 16 spots for visitors and the commercial space.

1665 W 11th Ave

It would include a childcare facility with 25 spots. Acton Ostry Architects/City of Vancouver

This 22-storey mixed-use tower at the intersection of West 11th Avenue and Pine Street would include 190 residential rental units (120 would be 1-bedroom or studio units) and a 25-space childcare facility. The application for the new tower notes 44 parking stalls are included in the design, altogether.

It'll replace three walk-up apartments with 22 units, according to the proponents of the proposal.

1365 W 12th Ave

Street level and broad renderings show the development proposed for 1365 W 12th. Urban Strategies Inc./City of Vancouver

This 20-storey tower would bring 116 rental units (half of which would be 2-bedroom units) and a commercial space on the ground floor to 1365 W 12th Ave.; in total there would be 66 parking spots for residents, visitors and the commercial space.

Currently, there's a 19-unit apartment building on the property.

1726 W 11th Ave

The two towers of the Broadway Towers project would be among the tallest in the neighbourhood. Ciccozzi Architecture/Sighline Properties

Two towers with 283 rental units (184 of which will be studio or one-bedroom) are proposed for the intersection of Pine Street and West 11th Avenue. In total, the project as proposed would have 216 parking spots. There would also be commercial space at street level.

A three-storey apartment building is currently there, with 59 units.

1434 W 8th Ave

The 25-storey tower will mostly have residences with ground floor retail space. Musson Cattell Mackey Architects/City of Vancouver

This 25-storey tower will mostly be residential rental space with 162 units, 106 of which will be 1-bedroom or studios. At the ground level, there will be retail space.

Due to how close it'll be to transit options the building will only need 74 parking spots for residents, with another 12 for visitors and the retail space.

The site is a parking lot right now.

1551 W 7th Ave

The 21-storey mixed-tower will see 125 residential units, along with cultural space on lower floors. Canderel/City of Vancouver

This 21-storey tower next to the Granville Street Bridge on-ramp is a proposal from La Maison de la Francophonie de Vancouver and a developer. It aims to replace the francophone society's building and the Windsor Plywood store on West 7th Avenue.

In the proposal a two-storey podium would hold cultural, retail and office space, while in the 19 storeys above would be 125 strata residential units (83 of which would be 2- or 3-bedroom homes). 

1395 W Broadway

A 24-storey office building is proposed at the corner of Hemlock St. and Broadway. Yuanheng BC Developments/City of Vancouver

An updated application was submitted last year for this 24-storey office building with commercial space at street level on the corner of Hemlock Street and Broadway. Currently, there's a vacant car dealership at 1395 W Broadway.

While it's unclear what the offices will all be used for, 274 parking spaces in a five-storey underground parkade are proposed.

1960 W 7th Ave.

183 units are included in this building proposed on West 7th Avenue near Cypress Street. Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership/City of Vancouver

A little further away, west of Burrard Street, this 20-storey residential tower would bring 183 rental units (120 of which will be studio or 1-bedroom homes) to 1960 W 7th Ave. near Cypress Street.

The proposal shows 54 parking spots for residents.

Right now there is a 35-unit apartment building at this location.

Towers already approved or under construction

1477 W Broadway

The tower at Granville Street and Broadway would be 39-stories tall. PCI / Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership

The massive 39-story tower at 1477 Broadway is well underway. It'll bring 223 rental units, along with amenities and a grocery store. It'll also be home to Granville Station, one of the stops on the Broadway Subway. It replaced a Royal Bank.

2538 Birch St.

The tower at 2538 Birch St. was approved previously. City of Vancouver

Construction is still in the early phases at 2538 Birch St. at the intersection with Broadway.

The 28-story tower will have 258 units (58 of which will be for moderate-income households) with 174 parking spaces. The site used to be a Denny's Restaurant.

In total these projects will bring more than 1,750 rental units with another 125 strata units, replacing more than 190 current homes, along with other structures.