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In memory of Momo, one of Vancouver's most awesome dogs of all time

Rest easy, Momo
Andrew Knapp and Momo in the V.I.A. studio in 2019

One of Vancouver's most famous dogs, Momo, has passed away today, according to his owner and best friend, Andrew Knapp.

Momo rose to stardom years ago as Andrew, a professional photographer, begun sharing fun photos under the #findmomo hashtag, building up a following of over 600,000 people on Instagram.

The border collie liked to hide/pose while Andrew shot photos of scenes, and it was a bit like a Where's Waldo scenario where you'd have to find the dog hidden somewhere in the photograph.

His antics and travels ended up being the subject of five books.

The two traveled the globe together, and both became beloved characters on many people's social media feeds. Momo for his unbearable cuteness and Andrew for his philosophizing and the way he exposed his humanity and asked questions of himself, and his followers.

Knapp wrote on Instagram yesterday that "Momo will be taking his last road trip," and went on to say that "We’re driving to a friend’s farm near Ottawa where tomorrow morning, I’ll celebrate his life with some close friends and let him pass on from this earthly plane. With a few phone calls I was able to find a reputable and compassionate in-home end-of-life care provider."

Momo will be forever in the hearts of people around the world, from those he actually met in his travels to millions of others who simply followed along and whose days were made brighter by this dog and the relationship he had with his owner, which was generously shared with all of us.

Rest easy, Momo.


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