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'Juneuary' is here: Vancouver had its coldest June day in nearly a decade

And the forecast calls for more wet weather this week, too.
Not only was June 6, 2021, wet, but it was also Vancouver's coldest June day in nearly a decade.

Has it been raining a little too much for your liking?

While Vancouver just had its third driest spring on record, June has seen a fair amount of rain and cool weather so far. 

Meteorological summer kicked off on June 1, but the Metro Vancouver weather forecast has left something to be desired.

Several days in the first week of June have seen showers or rain, while others have felt somewhat chilly.

Not only was Sunday (June 6) wet, but it was also the coldest June day in nearly a decade. With a high of 12.9°C, June 6 was Vancouver's coldest June day since June 4, 2012, according to Vancouver Weather Records.

'Juneuary' in Vancouver

Metro Vancouverites are frequently pleased to see warm weather arrive early in the region. But when it does come early, many of them forget that it isn't always around to stay. 

Infamously known as "Juneuary" by locals, June is often a bit of a wildcard month in Vancouver. In a previous interview, Environment Canada Meteorologist Bobby Sekhon told Vancouver Is Awesome that June only receives slightly less precipitation on average than May, despite its neighbouring proximity to the two hottest and driest months of the year, July and August. 

Following the third-driest spring on record, Sekhon noted that Vancouver "could still get some moisture in June to help with the precipitation deficit." 

Now, locals are mentioning that the city is living up to its "meteorological reputation," with plenty of precipitation and stormy weather. 

Heading into the rest of the week, Environment Canada calls for a chance of showers on several days. However, Wednesday looks warm and dry with a mix of sun and cloud, while Thursday is expected to be dry during the day followed by showers at night.