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Local couple help rescue 3-day old seal pup on Vancouver beach (VIDEO+PHOTOS)

Acadia is now in the care of the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.

A seal pup just a few weeks old now is recovering thanks to a Vancouver couple out for a walk.

Efrain Solis and his wife were in a secluded area at Acadia Beach near UBC to shoot video for his YouTube channel when they heard what they figured might be a coyote in the forest nearby, so they decided to walk along the rocky beach, where they had spotted an otter the day before.

"We had just past the middle access point, when we saw the little pup," he writes to Vancouver Is Awesome. "At first, we were confused, having never seen one before in our lives. Almost all the rocks in that area look white, and with the sun, they kind of shine, and the pup was white."

The small marine mammal wasn't moving when they first realized what it was, and they thought it might be dead, but eventually, there was a little motion as they got closer.

"We noticed there was a reddish spot on its belly. The animal couldn’t escape from us, we saw it trying, but the pup just couldn’t do it," Solis writes.

They decided to back off, to keep from stressing the little animal out and called the Vancouver police non-emergency number, to figure out what they should do. The police suggested the Marine Mammal Rescue (MMR) Centre. The MMR helped Solis determine the age of the seal (a newborn) and asked them to stay close to the seal so the team sent out could find it easily.

"We gladly accepted, since at this point, there were crows and eagles wanting to take the baby, and we just couldn’t abandon it," Solis writes.

As they spent more time around the pup, it began to become more comfortable with the humans.

"At this point the baby knew it was safe with us, that we meant no harm, so it took a nap," he writes.

The group quickly sent a team of volunteers down to the beach to assess the situation. They figured she was a newborn girl, who had been left on the rocks while her mother was off foraging.

The group asked Solis and his wife to name the pup (Acadia) and transported her to their recovery centre where her tail wound was taken care of and she's recovering now.

Acadia has now been in the care of the MMR for more than two weeks. No updates have been listed yet, though she's just getting out of quarantine. She's one of 45 harbour seals currently in their care.