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Local photographer showcases spellbinding snaps of Vancouver (PHOTOS)

This local photographer shows how the city is beautiful in every type of weather.

"I most enjoy wandering around and photographing the city in heavy rain or fog."

For many people, rain makes Vancouver beautiful and green, but they don't enjoy being in it.

For a local photographer, however, the wet weather offers an unparalleled perspective of the city--one with feeling. 

"My goal with my images is not to strictly document the world, but also to convey my experiences and feelings," Tristan Todd, 30, tells Vancouver Is Awesome

The Richmond resident adds that his favourite season--to photograph and to experience--is winter. "To me, it's the most beautiful, but I also love the cold and the challenges it brings."

Todd says that photography has become a central part of who he is over the past few years. Not only has it transformed the way he sees the world, but it is also his deepest passion. 

"While this all started as a hobby, it has become much more than that--and in September I quit my job in an attempt to do photography full time," he explains. 

Using a variety of post-processing methods to create original works, Todd says photography allows him to push his comfort zone. "I used to spend my days writing code and exploring virtual worlds, oblivious to the very real and beautiful world around me. Through photography, I learned how to not only see the world, but how to experience it as well."

"Golden hour" on Granville Street

Todd shared one of his recent snaps, an image of "golden hour" on Granville Street, on Reddit this week. At the time of this writing, the snap has been up-voted over 400 times. 

While he enjoys photographing the city in wet weather, Todd says he's been challenging himself to create cityscape images during golden hour. "This image of Granville St and a TransLink trolleybus is a result of that. I took it on Feb. 7 at 3:49 p.m. This time of year the light is particularly nice in the late afternoons down the north-south streets of downtown and I couldn't help but take a photograph with it."

Todd adds that he always tries to include plenty of details in his images to "reward people that take the time to look closely at them," too. For example, in this one there is a "Masks Mandatory" bus destination sign and "the lady on the right, sitting on a bench with a mask on, her hair [is] illuminated."

Other specifics include the people crossing the street in the background, the police situation on the right--"although purposely kept dark for the sake of privacy," explains Todd. "Both out of compassion for the person involved and because I prefer to keep people anonymous in my work."

Todd adds that each part of the image "serves a purpose, whether it be the leading lines, small details or haze in the background. It all comes together to help the viewer feel like they were there, wandering around and experiencing the city."

And if you don't like his work, Todd is okay with that.

"I don't expect anyone to like my work, but if I can inspire just one person like others inspired me, I would consider that an amazing accomplishment."

Have a look at a few more of Todd's urban snaps. 

Vancouver-Gastown-lights-2020. By Photo courtesy of Tristan Todd


Vancouver-Harbour Centre-2019. By Photo courtesy of Tristan Todd


Vancouver-snowy-Granville-2019. By Photo courtesy of Tristan Todd


vancouver-W-Cordova-2018. By Photo courtesy of Tristan Todd

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