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Locals react to Vancouver being ranked one of world's 'happiest cities'

"Guessing the reviewers had some of Rogen's weed."
Not everyone agrees that Vancouver is one of the world's "happiest cities," despite its beauty.

Do you think Vancouver is one of the "happiest cities" in the world?

This week, Vancouver Is Awesome shared a story about a ranking that included our city in its roundup of the top 12 happiest cities worldwide. Vancouver came 11th, with Toronto following in 12th. 

CIA Landlord analyzed 46 cities to determine where in the world is the best location to buy a property as a young adult. The study used a range of factors including the cost of buying a property, job availability, average salary and happiness ratings to determine the best city to buy a property at a young age.

When someone is relocating, the insurance company noted that happiness is an important factor to consider. "Taking into consideration the happiness of the nation can be a useful tool to assess satisfaction in a city."

Report authors also stated that Canada is a prime location for young adults who prioritize "happiness" in their new location.

Of course, not everyone agreed with the ranking. While multiple readers say they love living in the city, numerous others found the ranking laughable. Some people mentioned the housing crisis as one of the main reasons why Vancouverites can't possibly be so "happy," while others pointed to the vast number of people who feel depressed living in the city. 

Here are some of the comments from readers who disagree with the ranking.

Look past the illusion and see the real Vancouver. Graffiti and garbage everywhere, people lying on the streets, rampant crime. Then go to the DTES and really open your eyes!

          --Aloma Ferris

Guessing the reviewers had some of Rogen's weed.

          --Chris Williams

Ha.....I don't think so.....were the most miserable.....and I watch us get more miserable every day.

          --Brad B Best

Traffic, homeless and the cost of renting or buying prohibiting. No, not a happy place.

           --Lynne Monteith

No. People are way happier in Alberta.

           --Lilah Bobbi

LOL everyone I know is so depressed this is dumb af.

           --Joey Hockin

Nah we are all miserable and distracting ourselves by sun and mountain.

           --Hurriya Burney

Wow, the rest of the planet must REALLY suck!

           --Chris Williams


Here are some of the comments from readers who agree with the ranking.

Amazing city. My favourite xxx

          --Kate Birchenall

Rent may be high but the weather is almost always nice year round so unlike almost every other province we get to spend all year outside doing things most people only get to enjoy 6 months of the year

          --Mackenzie Skoberg

I love it here and am very happy.

          --Neal Rayner.

Amazing city.

          --Carolina Serrano

Vancouver is beautiful. 

          --June Choi

I agree but it is especially true on sunny days.

         --Claude Goudreault

All my friends seem pretty happy, but there sure are a lot of whiners consistently on this page!

         --Chris Angerer

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