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'This is the worst': Metro Vancouverites react to London Drugs closing for third day

People are confused about how to get their mail and fill prescriptions.
London Drugs locations near people in Metro Vancouver, B.C. are closed for a third day a massive cyberattack but the pharmacy is open on April 30, 2024.

London Drugs stores in Metro Vancouver remain closed for a third day following a massive cyberattack.

The Canadian retailer discovered it was the "victim of a cybersecurity incident" on Sunday, April 28 and temporarily closed all its locations and "undertook countermeasures to protect its network and data, including retaining leading third-party cybersecurity experts," the company told V.I.A. in an emailed statement. 

As of Tuesday morning, the company says it will stay closed until further notice "out of an abundance of caution" while it continues to provide customers with urgent pharmacy care. 

London Drugs is working with third-party cybersecurity experts to bring its operations back online and investigating "the extent to which any data has been compromised in the incident."

The company will notify affected individuals if their information is compromised.

“Recognizing the impact these closures have had on our customers and employees across Western Canada, it remains our priority to continue working around the clock to have all stores fully operational,” says Clint Mahlman, COO and president of London Drugs.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience and support during this very difficult time and will provide updates as available.” 

The phone lines remain down as the internal investigation continues and will be "restored as soon as possible."

Customers should visit their London Drugs stores near them for support until the phones are in service.

Metro Vancouver residents react to ongoing London Drugs closures 

While London Drugs said it would help customers with urgent pharmacy requests, the company also provides several other services.

One frustrated Metro Vancouverite took to X (formerly Twitter) to ask when they could get a package they were supposed to pick up at their local store. 

Other people seemed unsure about the postal policies during the Western Canada-wide closures.

Other locals expressed concern regarding possible personal data leaks, including personal health information.

Some individuals aren't aware of how or when they can get their prescriptions filled. 

While many customers are concerned for their personal information, others sympathized with London Drugs. Many individuals came to the company's defence, stating that it was the victim of a malicious attack. 

Langley resident Syed thanked the company for its "help and assistance" and said a pharmacist took him inside a store for privacy. His refill wasn't ready but they administered him an emergency supply.