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Man arrested for throwing rocks off Metro Vancouver bridge wanted for 2014 Edmonton murder

"You never know what your call to police may result in."
Richard Joseph Lacarte has been the subject of a Canada-wide warrant for second degree murder since 2014. Photo: Edmonton Police Service

Authorities in both Ridge Meadows, B.C. and Edmonton are grateful that calls were made to alert police when a man began to toss rocks and other items off the busy Golden Ears Bridge, because the man they eventually took into custody turned out to be wanted in connection to a 2014 murder investigation in Alberta.

Ridge Meadows RCMP say that they received multiple calls from drivers regarding a man throwing things from the bridge at moving vehicles at around 5:15 p.m. on Thursday, Feburary 20. 

Once on scene, police were able to locate the suspect as described, and tried to make contact, however the rush hour traffic proved a challenge for communication.

Ultimately, the suspect jumped over the barricade from the sidewalk onto the roadway, and began to walk in moving traffic. 

Ridge Meadows RCMP Constable Vandelft opted to pursue the suspect, running across three lanes and pushing the suspect to safety. The man was arrested for mischief. 

The story took another turn when the suspect's identity was discovered. Richard Joseph Lacarte was wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for Second Degree Murder relating to a 2014 investigation in Edmonton. 

Police have been searching for Lacarte for several years. He is believed to have killed 48-year-old Demetrius Karahalios. 

Lacarte is in custody and is being transferred to Edmonton. 

"This is a tremendous example of how no call is too small," states Inspector Allison Good. "There was no way for these citizens to know what this man was possibly involved with but, because they took the time to make a police report we now have this alleged murder suspect in custody. You never know what your call to police may result in."