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Man spits on bus driver and violently kicks doors in Metro Vancouver (VIDEO)

A video has surfaced of a man who had an aggressive outburst on a bus and spat on a bus driver in Metro Vancouver on Oct. 29.

 Photo: Neczarvee Jane Guidoriagao / Photo: Neczarvee Jane Guidoriagao / Facebook

A video has surfaced of a man who had an aggressive outburst on a bus and spat on a bus driver in Metro Vancouver.

Posted on Facebook on Oct. 29, the video shows a man in a pale blue sweater repeatedly kicking the front door of the bus. The man even grabs the yellow handrail beside him in order to stabilize himself to kick harder.

Once the bus door opens, the man turns around and proceeds to spit in the bus driver's face.

The woman who posted the video, Neczarvee Jane Guidoriagao, wrote that she was glad that she recorded the incident. However, she added in the comments that she was "terrified" during the ordeal because she was with her son.

"So this just happened on our bus ride home... he was very rude and disrespectful to our driver!" she exclaimed.

"I’m glad i took the video of him... if anyone see him report him to the police... they are aware of him already... his last location was Hardwick and Canada Way."

In the Facebook comments, Guidoriagao writes that the man was triggered when he was told to step back behind the red line.

The video has already been viewed 74,000 times since it was uploaded, and it has been shared 1,700 times.

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Clint Hampton, Sergeant, Metro Vancouver Transit Police, who said that the video is currently under review. As such, the identity of the individual cannot be released because no charges have been laid.

Hampton adds that the incident took place around 4:15 p.m. on Oct. 29 along Canada Way in Burnaby. He reports that the man originally went to the back of the bus and then made his way to the front while the bus was en route. The driver told him to step behind the line, and the man allegedly refused. Following this, the driver pulled over, which is when Guidoriagao began filming.