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Map: Here's how to find every single official heritage site in Vancouver

You may be standing next to one right now.
The historic Dominion Building is one of the more well-known sites on the City of Vancouver's official list of heritage locations.

Even a young city like Vancouver has piles of heritage sites.

And while many are well known, with over 2,400 sites listed by the City of Vancouver, it can be hard to figure out where all of them are. There's a piece of volcanic rock on Cambie, some copper beach trees on Adera Street and the city's nursery next to Sunset Park.

On the upside, the city has a heritage register and mapped out the vast majority of sites. Of the city's 2,474 records, 2,355 are buildings that are on the map. The city also has 16 heritage streetscapes, where a series of houses not individually protected as heritage buildings are noted for their historic value.

For the ones not on the map, addresses are given. That includes 35 records for trees (in some cases multiple), 26 parks (which also includes cemeteries, that central bit on Cambie Street with the big trees and the aforementioned volcanic outcrop, which just happens to also be on Cambie) and 39 monuments (mostly pertaining to historical figures or wars).

The city also has three heritage sites designated public works: the Lions Gate Bridge, the Burrard Street Bridge and the Brockton Point Lighthouse.

If you're really into playing with spreadsheets, you can check out which have federal designation or by neighbourhood. And for those who like maps, it's embedded below.