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Metro Vancouver architect's new sketch book celebrates iconic Richmond locations

Urban Sketching: Capturing the Views Around Us is meant to be both an education and reference resource for aspiring urban sketchers.
The Gulf of Georgia Cannery by Joe Larano, Jr., who has published a book on urban sketching which features his sketches of Richmond. PHOTO SUBMITTED

A Richmond artist has published a book to help others take pencil to paper and capture the beauty of Richmond’s natural and urban landscape.

Joe Larano, Jr., who has lived in Richmond since 1998 and is also an architect, said his book – titled Urban Sketching: Capturing the Views Around Us – is meant to be both an education and reference resource on urban sketching.

Some Richmond scenes featured in the book include houses on stilts at Finn Slough, the Winch Camp storage building near the London Landing pier at No. 2 Road, Steveston’s Fisherman’s Wharf and the YVR terminal building.

Urban sketching joe larano jr
Source: Submitted photo

“The book includes urban sketching’s historical context, current trends and its concept,” said Larano, who is has also hosted local workshops and several sketching demonstrations in Richmond.

The book also covers basic artist tools, covers drawing techniques and styles, and also features “several international urban sketchers and contributors with notable drawing styles to appreciate and emulate.”

Urban sketching is a movement first started by Urban Sketchers, an international non-profit organization that aims to foster a global community of artists.

Larano said urban sketching is “rapidly growing internationally because of today’s social media revolution.

“The book is relevant as it encourages urban sketching as everybody’s game. It serves as a reference aid to regular sketchers and especially to beginners who will greatly recognize its relevance in today’s society.”

Urban Sketching: Capturing the Views Around Us is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as other major online bookstores and websites.

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