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Watch: Awesome Metro Vancouver bus driver serenades passenger on her birthday

It made her day!
A Metro Vancouver bus driver sang a special birthday song for a lucky passenger.

A lucky passenger was delighted by a Metro Vancouver bus driver who serenaded her with a special birthday song today.

In a video shared to Twitter the TransLink bus operator Mohammed, who drives bus route 100 from Marine Drive Burnaby to 22nd Street Station, played drums on the fare machine with his hands and sang a Hindi birthday song for passenger Komal with the tune of happy birthday mixed in.

Komal's boyfriend, Sushen Sharma, who took the video says that he was holding her favourite box of sweets while waiting at the bus stop. "Mohammed noticed the box of sweets in my hand and asked if there was a special occasion. When I told him it was Komal's birthday, he sang the birthday song for her, which made our day," he recalls.

"The best part is Mohammed is not from India and Hindi is not his first language, but he still sang this song so well and in a perfect accent," says Sharma.

"The last few lines translate, 'may this day come again and again, and you may live for 1000 years, that’s what we all pray,'" he explains.

TransLink responded to the video with their own tweet, "Wow! What a wonderful surprise! And of course, Happy birthday to your girlfriend! Hopefully, the rest of her day is filled with more special moments."

“This is just one great example of Transit Operators going above and beyond in getting our customers where they need to go, everyday," Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC) President and GM Mike McDaniel tells V.I.A. in an email.

Happy Birthday, Komal!