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Metro Vancouver wildlife rehab shares videos of baby animal patients growing up (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The videos are a sort of time-lapse as animals like raccoons or otters get older

With spring comes baby animals. And with baby animals come new patients at the Critter Care Wildlife Society.

Each year the Metro Vancouver organization takes in babies from all sorts of mammals at their centre in Langley. This year they decided to show how the animals grow up, from just a few days old to a couple of months, growing from tiny blind squeaking furballs to larger, more curious furballs.

They have plans to do it with five of their wards this year as part of their Watch Me Thrive series. So far videos have been posted of Cadbury the river otter and Moses the raccoon. A beaver, skunk and Columbian ground squirrel are all planned (but the animals are still growing.

Turn the volume up to hear their little squeaks!

While cute, the animals are expensive to care for as babies.

"We spend months preparing as we build up our supplies in attempts to get us through the coming months.  We vaccinate all animals thought-out the entire rehabilitation," writes the organization on its website. "As the animals start to grow the needs start to change, this is when it starts to get expensive as we need to ensure we have enough incubators."

They also go through $50,000 just on milk formula and need to buy bottles to feed the animals; the Watch Me Thrive series videos are being uploaded as part of a fundraising initiative.