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This insanely popular video game will feature Musqueam artwork

Musqueam culture and art will be viewed by players across the world.
Musqueam artwork FIFA 23
EA SPORTS Vancouver and the Musqueam Indian Band collaborated for FIFA 23.

Fans waiting in anticipation of the FIFA 23 football video game can expect a unique collaboration. 

Since EA SPORTS FIFA is primarily developed in Vancouver and is part of the city's commitment to reconciliation, EA SPORTS and the Musqueam Indian Band are unveiling an in-game fictional representation of Musqueam's real-life soccer field, titled "VOLTA FOOTBALL Pitch" in FIFA 23, which has been bringing together Indigenous athletes and fans across the region since 2012.

There will be other Musqueam cultural elements incorporated into the game as well, such as a Musqueam longhouse, artwork, and FIFA Ultimate Team kits designed by Musqueam visual artists, carvers, designers, and weavers. 

The collaboration will be viewed by players across the globe. 

“We are honoured to work with Musqueam artists, athletes, and community leaders to help share their deep and meaningful history and culture with the millions of FIFA fans across the world,” says Nicholas Lammie, Director of Brand Marketing at EA SPORTS FIFA, in a news release

The collaboration extends beyond in-game artwork and includes physical kits made by EA SPORTS for Musqueam soccer players as well as funding for upgrades to the Musqueam Field, including storage and equipment management facilities, new goals and nets, and custom tents. 

The Musqueam artists whose artwork will be featured in FIFA 23 includes:

Kelly Cannell - the FIFA Ultimate Team Home Kit 
Chase Gray - FIFA Ultimate Team Goalkeeper kit, FIFA Ultimate Team Away kit pattern 
Deanna Point - FIFA Ultimate Team Stadium Cosmetics including Tifo, Centre pitch, tournament banner 
Krista Point - VOLTA FOOTBALL - Weavings for two clubhouse banners and tents 
Aleen Sparrow - VOLTA FOOTBALL; weavings for perimeter board and wide banners 
Brent Sparrow - VOLTA FOOTBALL; House Post 
Debra Sparrow - VOLTA FOOTBALL; weavings for two floodlight flags and Runner Sculpture 
Kamryn Sparrow - VOLTA FOOTBALL; Pitch Artwork 
Robyn Sparrow - VOLTA FOOTBALL; weavings for two floodlight flags 
Cole Sparrow-Crawford - VOLTA FOOTBALL; Holy Name Collection

FIFA 23, which is developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania, will be available worldwide on Sept. 30 with early access for FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition beginning on Sept. 27.