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New West cop fired for running side hustle without permission

The New Westminster police officer was already under suspension related to a different allegation
Photo: New Westminster Police Department

A New Westminster Police Department officer was fired after it was discovered he was operating a business on the side, according to a report by the B.C. Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.

The annual report covers cases it has investigated in 2019 and 2020. It details an incident from February 2018 in which a member – who is not named in the report - sought approval from the Chief Constable to seek outside employment.

The Chief Constable, however, denied the request, says the report.

“The member was suspended without pay at the time as a result of an unrelated criminal investigation into his conduct,” the report says. “It was learned that the member owned and was operating a business.”

The report doesn't say what the business involved, but the OPCC determined that there were no public trust issues and no complaint had been received, and an internal investigation was initiated as a result.

Working outside his employment contract is contrary to the New Westminster Police Department Policy Code of Administrative Conduct and contrary to specific direction from the Chief Constable, according to the report.

“Following the investigation, the Discipline Authority substantiated the allegation of Discreditable Conduct and reviewed the aggravating and mitigating factors,” the report says. “The Discipline Authority noted the serious nature of this conduct particularly as the member was already facing an unrelated serious criminal allegation where the member was currently suspended without pay. The member was aware of the requirements to seek permission of the Chief Constable to engage in outside employment or business opportunities. This permission was sought and denied; however, the member chose to disregard this and pursue the outside employment/business opportunity. The Discipline Authority noted that the member already had discipline on his service record of discipline and that the member did not take responsibility for his actions.”

The disciplinary decision from the OPCC was dismissal.

According to the annual report, the OPCC received 16 registered complaints against the NWPD in the period of 2019-2020. Three investigations were ordered stemming from those complaints.