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One single bottle of rare scotch for sale for $228K in Vancouver

Don't worry, if you don't land that one, there's one for about $11K you can buy, too

What could you get for $228,000?

Maybe a couple of new Maseratis? Or how about a parking space in Vancouver? How about a single bottle of scotch at a BC Liquor Store?

One lucky wealthy person will be doing that later this week as a single bottle of The Macallan The Reach 81-Year-Old.

Actually, it'll be a little bit more, due to taxes and, of course, a bottle deposit. Watch out for those bottle deposits.

Who gets to buy the single bottle for sale will be determined by a draw on Thursday, May 25, when the BC Liquor Store at 39th Avenue and Cambie Street holds a special event for the scotch.

There will be other Macallan scotches available at the event as well, like the Macallan Harmony (retail price is $240.99) and the Macallan M (going for $10,999).

But the star is the 81-year-old drink, which was bottled around the same time Winston Churchill took office, Alex Trebek was born, and Kingsway was thankfully widened to four lanes.

"The Reach single malt Scotch whisky was drawn from a single cask in which it has matured for the past 81 years," states the scotch's website. "Its peaceful existence contrasts the turbulent time when it was distilled in 1940."

Only 288 bottles are being produced; this will be the only bottle for sale in Canada.

Those wanting a chance to win the opportunity to buy the bottle of scotch must be at the liquor store on May 25, enter the draw between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., and then be on hand for the draw at 7:15 p.m.

A tasting event will be going on at the same time, but tickets have sold out.

The person who ends up buying the bottle won't be able to take it home right away; BC Liquor says for security reasons a separate pick-up will be arranged.Also, no cash will be accepted, only debit, credit, or bank draft.

- Correction: The original story stated the event is happening Friday, May 25. May 25 is a Thursday.