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Video: Vancouver police-involved shooting puts officer and suspect in hospital

Details of the incident are not confirmed.
Vancouver police are investigating after a police-involved shooting around 8 a.m. on July 30 sent a VPD officer and the suspect to hospital with injuries. Another officer was assaulted after arriving to assist following the incident.

A man was shot and injured by Vancouver police officers this morning (July 30) around 8 a.m. in the Downtown Eastside after an officer was allegedly attacked with a weapon while on patrol.

The incident occurred near the Hastings Street tent city at East Hastings and Columbia Street after a man carrying a weapon had approached a police car and struck one of the two officers inside through an open window, according to a Vancouver Police Department (VPD) press release. 

The officer suffered a serious head injury and a 53-year-old suspect was injured after shots were fired by an officer. The suspect was taken to hospital where he remains in custody for assaulting the officer. 

Another VPD officer was later assaulted by a bystander after arriving to assist following the incident. The suspect was arrested.

Trey Helten had shared footage of the incident to Twitter and added that witnesses are alleging "the man hit the back of VPD car with a stick, the officer got out of the car and shot the man three times point blank."

Helten had shared a photo and two videos of the incident to Twitter.

A second video (below) shared by Helten shows the arrest of a bystander made by a second officer.